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Read on for a sneak peek of what we have to offer so far – from unit plans for some favorite short stories to test description documents to make report writing a breeze…



Since so many of our students don’t experience enough language and story reading on a daily basis, we love using books in therapy and bet you do too! And we also know you most likely have some mixed groups on your schedule. So, we are creating Literacy-based Lesson Plan Assistants for some favorite short stories. These will help you target a variety of skills including articulation, receptive and expressive language and social language. Check out our blog post where we provide some additional information on these. And make sure you check out the FREEBIE for Frog on a Log? by Kes Gray on our TpT store. Additional titles will continue to be added!

Does the thought of writing an evaluation report make you reach for another bottle of wine? We’ve got you covered on that one too! Check out our test descriptions. Using information from individual test manuals, we have created a way for you to easily explain what the standardized speech-language test assesses and what the examinee is expected to do on each subtest. But it goes a little further than that! Use these downloads to help you document how each skill impacts educational performance. The CELF-5, OWLS-II, and Listening Comprehension Test (for elementary age and adolescents) are already available and more are on the way!

There are a currently a couple other FREEBIES for CF supervision and co-teaching. Keep checking back for additional product including FREEBIES, sales, and bundles!

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Questions, vocabulary and /r/, oh my!

one-book-mixed-groups2Ok, picture it…it won’t be that hard because we ALL have them…student A is working on /r/ and /l/, student B stutters, student C has trouble with comprehension and vocabulary, and student D, well, student D has trouble with all of it. Why, oh why, would an SLP ever put these kids together in one group? Why, I’ll tell you why…because there are no other options, that’s why!

So, there you are, with this mixed group of 4 for a whopping 30 minutes – give or take.

Student A: “Can we pway a game?”

Student C: “No let’s play a game!”

Student B: “I don’t feel like talking today”

Student D: walking in circles, holding 3 of your dry erase markers and a few books from your shelves



How can you keep them all engaged, work on each of their varied skills, take data and make it all meaningful without breaking the bank or taking up more planning time than you have to begin with.




Books, books, books! Read a book and cover it all. Expand your lessons and use the same book for various groups and multiple sessions.

We know what you’re thinking…hey, how can I just pick up a book and be sure that I’m covering all of the skills I need to cover? How does that lessen my planning time?

We’ve got you covered with our new Literacy-based Lesson Planning Assistants for Speech and Language!

Our first one is available in our TPT store and focuses on the book Cook-A-Doodle-Doo! by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel. This adorable book is told from the point of view of a rooster whose great-grandmother happens to be the Little Red Hen. He decides to bake one of her recipes and actually finds some other animals to help him. It is a great story of teamwork which also incorporates following a recipe, measuring ingredients and some confusion with homonyms and homophones. And of course it serves as a great compare/contrast lesson when paired with the classic story The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone. Don’t worry, the Lesson Planning Assistant for that book will be coming soon to our TPT store.

So are you envisioning all the amazing skills you can target with this one book? Still worried about how you’ll find the time to delve into it and pick out all these targets?

Once again, that’s where we come in. The document provides you with target words for common sound errors and processes. It outlines carrier phrases and repetitive phrases to address fluency. Factual questions? Sure. Predictions? Yep. Social language targets like flexible thinking and perspective taking? You bet!

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We hope you’ll check out this this new product. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Want us to create a Lesson Planning Assistant for some of your favorite books? Comment below and/or on TPT and we’ll get to work on it.

Texts for middle and high school are welcome and will be added as well!

Quick tip: If your media center or local library does not have a copy of this book and you have limited funds (being that we SLPs already spend so much of our own money!), you can always search YouTube and you may just find SOMEONE reading the book, maybe even showing and highlighting the text as it is read aloud! Follow our Pinterest page where we will be pinning these as we find them!