The CF experience: Mentor and mentee growing together

Back to school time is rapidly approaching! Are you ready???

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So you’re starting your CF this school year.

Congratulations on completing (surviving?) a grueling graduate school adventure. We know you learned a lot, studied a lot, practiced A LOT. We’re here to tell you that you will fall back on that experience often as you start your career. But this CF experience will greatly shape you from this point on.

So make the most of it!

Not a CF or SLP-to-be? Keep reading for tips for CF mentors!

Your mentor is definitely observing you during direct treatment, possibly testing and hopefully supporting you in preparation of (and maybe at) your first staffings/meetings. Take advantage of this time with an experienced SLP. Make sure they provide you with feedback – preferably written – and use the constructive comments to keep growing.

Get your free feedback form here (and keep reading for additional freebies)!

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Implement your mentor’s suggestions, tweak them to meet your needs, share your thoughts on how it worked. Ask for advice on difficult cases or tasks.

To put it mildly, paperwork is abundant as a school-based SLP. Your mentor probably has some great tricks up her sleeve!

Have a group you can’t wrangle?

Ask her to observe and discuss some tips or strategies.

Have some goals you’re unsure how to target?

Talk it through.

This is what the CF experience is all about! To refine your skills under supervision, be supported as you implement all you’ve learned, and to begin the process of continued growth and learning as a SLP.

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Check out this free printable to help you keep track of all the experiences you and your mentor will share.


What are you hoping to gain from your CF experience?

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So you’re mentoring a CF this school year.

Whether it’s your first mentoring experience or you’ve done it many times before, it is an opportunity to grow your skills in various ways. You will learn about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses – and inspire a new SLP.

So make the most of it.

Not a CF mentor? Keep reading and save for when this great opportunity becomes available!

You’ll spend valuable time each month with your CF. You’ll observe therapy or testing, you’ll talk about strategies. You’ll provide constructive criticism and PRAISE. Remember how far these new SLPs have come. Think about how far you’ve come since you completed your CF experience. And take this opportunity to learn and grow even more.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day (busy) lives as school-based SLPs that we get stuck in our ways. Step back and watch what that new SLP is doing – look at it as a type of continuing education for you. You may see this CF implement a strategy in a way you’ve never thought…or you may come up with these new ideas as you help her grow. Either way, it’s practically guaranteed that you will grow and discover new tricks. A new way to get a /r/, an innovative approach to curriculum-based instruction, an inventive material for comprehension…

Tackling a grouping issue you haven’t encountered before?

Talking through the challenges with your CF will enlighten you for when it inevitably happens to you.

Stuck in a rut of IEP goals?

Working with your CF to write and implement hers will no doubt give you new ideas for next time.

This is what mentoring is all about! Sharing what you know and admitting what you don’t. Working together to find the answers and growing together.

Check out our freebies for CF mentorship including a CF feedback form, checklist of experiences and log of activity/visitslog pic

What do you hope to gain as you mentor a CF?




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